Best Android or iOS Games Under 1 GB

Android or iOS Gamers, it is a piece of great news for you that now I am going to list the best android or iOS Games Under 1 GB.

All these games are going to be high graphical and realistic. I will list top 5 android games under 1 GB.

You can experience ultimate gaming. Get ready to put yourself on the next level in gaming.

If you are a true gamer then I strongly recommend you to install these games and play at once a day.

All these games are easily available on Google play store and app store.

Best Android or iOS Games Under 1 GB

Best Android Games Under 1 GB
Best Android Games Under 1 GB

So, let’s check out the best android or iOS Games under 1 GB of size.

1. Garena Free Fire: Rampage

So, Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular android game in this modern gaming era. It is a survival shooting game.

The graphics of this game are insane!! The gameplay is smooth and stunning.

You need to control the character for 10 minutes in order to survive yourself. You have to compete with 49 other skilled players.

The game is highly challenging which is the main highlight of survival shooting games.

The map of Garena Free Fire is huge enough to explore. Here you can drive Vehicles and search weapons.

You can also play in the 4 man squad and the voice communication system is amazing which offers you dynamic gameplay.

Overall, you need to fight against your enemies and kill them and loot their weapons to win the game.

The fast 10-minute gameplay is short but it is the rule of this game!

This game is highly inspired by PUBG mobile but some features are different.

The game has more than 500 million downloads on Google play store.

So, what are you waiting for? Go now and install this insane game.

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2. Gangster New Orleans

After the big success of gangster Vegas, Gameloft launched the new edition of gangster games which is called New Orleans.

It is one of the best crime game under the 1 GB size.

If you are a GTA lover then this game is best for you.

GTA vice city mobile or San Andreas is the super games but they lack in the graphics, cars, weapons and missions.

Gangster New Orleans comes with a big map, decent graphics and a lot of supercars.

You will definitely enjoy this game!

You can experience yourself as a real Gangster. Full action, biker gangs, cops and all other things are present in this game.

There are many story missions available in new Orleans, you need to pass them to rule all over the city.

There are a bundle of high-tech weapons available to fight against criminal gangs and cops.

You can customise the character through different apparel, suit and etc. Also, the soundtrack and theme of this game are great.

The interesting feature of this game is that one can buy his property, island, luxurious vehicles and boats.

This game has 10 Million plus downloads on Google play store. You can easily download it from play store. The game size is only 0.89 GB.

3. GT Racing 2

So, now it’s time for an android racing game under 1 GB.

GT Racing 2 is the most popular car racing game.

There are more than 70 supercars available in this game for racing. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and others vehicles make this one of the most addictive games.

You can experience yourself a real car racer. The soundtrack of this game is highly aggressive which give the real feel of a car racer.

There are 13 different locations available for racing with more than 1400 events. You can play elimination mode, classics, Knock out, overtake and many more.

GT Racing 2 is also a challenging racing game like Garena Free Fire.

It also comes with the multiplayer mode, you can play this game with your friends and defeat them.

The graphics if this game is amazing and realistic. If you are a beginner racer, then it is quite tough for you to control the car but slowly you will become the master.

So, Don’t waste your time playing other racing game when you have an option like GT racing 2.

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4. World Cricket Championship 2

Now, let’s talk about a sports game. WCC 2 is the best cricket game available now for Android or iOS devices.

It is also one of my favourite game of all time.

It has a lot of unique features. The graphics are really awesome. SD

There are many tournaments or championships available in this game such as ICC world cup, T20 world cup, IPL, ODI and test cricket.

The controls of this game are very easy, you can easily hit massive sixes. Although, you can change the difficulty level at any time.

There are many stadiums available like Melbourne, Wankhede, Lords, Eden Gardens, Oval and many more.

You need to unlock then by coins. All international teams are available for play. Also, this game has a multiplayer mode.

You can challenge your friend for a 20-20 match and show your cricket skills.

You also customise players name, jersey, stance and other things.

The most interesting feature of this game is commentary. Commentary is available in both English and Hindi.

This game will give you a real feel of a cricketer.

This game is available for smartphone devices for only 326 MB which is very far from 1 GB.

If you are a cricket fan then don’t miss this game!

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5. World War Heros WWII FPS

“RESPECT” and “SALUTE” To Soldiers

World War Heros is a shooting game which is inspired by the story of world War two and call of duty series.

The only method to win in this game is to fight and destroy. You need to fight against many enemies and survive yourself.

You can control tanks and other vehicles to destroy enemies. There are more than 57 Guns and weapons available like pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and explosives.

Variety of combat types of equipment are available from USA, Germany, Japan and USSR. Different type of game modes is present to make this game more realistic.

Team battles, deathmatch, are also present. The concept of this game is to stop the other team by planting bombs.

So, in my opinion, it is the best game under 1 GB. Already crossed 50 million-plus downloads.


So, here was the list of best android or iOS games under 1 GB.

I listed 5 games of different category for variety. You can choose according to your interest.

I hope you will enjoy these games. And don’t forget to tell me your favourite game of all time in the comments!

And if you find this article helpful, then please share it on social media.




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