Best Camera Apps For Android 2020

Yes! We all are photographers! We want to capture the amazing photos and videos through the smartphone to showoff our friends. So, here is the list of best camera apps for android 2020.

These apps are really stunning and will make your selfie and photos insane! You can create an awesome picture.

These android apps will replace your default Smartphone camera because you will fall in love with them.

Actually, these apps are not only available for android, but they are also designed for IOS. You can find these apps on Google play store and apple store.

7 Best Camera Apps For Android 2020

Best Camera Apps For Android 2020
Best Camera Apps For Android 2020

So, let’s explore the 7 best camera apps for android 2020.

1. Footej Camera

Footej camera is one of the best camera apps on my list. It makes your camera quality stunning.

It has more than 100k downloads on Google version because it is a second edition.

There are many features available in this app. You can manually control all the features according to your need.

The focus system is great, exposure is present for a different type of areas. All the things are available manually.

If your device supports slow-motion video recording then it is the best app to show your Creativity.

Burst mode, high-resolution mode, HDR, panorama and other main features are present in the footer Camera app.

If you want to connect an external microphone during video recording then you can do it. First, you need to enable microphone settings.

So, if you are a YouTuber then this app is especially for you. And photography is a decent feature of the footer camera app.

You can easily find this application on Google play store.

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2. Retrica

Retrica is one of my favourite application to capture colourful images!

I click many images through retrial during day parties and other celebrations. Retrica gives you a real feel of the photoshoot.

There are a bundle of filters are available in this app which makes your pictures extremely cool.

The main highlight of retrica app is its vintage camera mode which will give you a dynamic vintage photography experience.

The size of retrica app is only 35 MB. I can’t believe how an app has a lot of unique features under this small size.

The filters make your images stunning like flush, lit, fiery, reddish, Alfama and many more. The reddish filter is my favourite.

I suggest you wear red when you click photos through retrica.

You can take sharp and high-quality images through this all. But It offers moderate video quality.

You can’t expect stability and 4K recording on retrica and one more thing is that it does not recommend for selfies which is a bad thing.

So, if you love to take rear camera photos then you can try retrica otherwise scroll my list.

The retrica app has more than 100 million downloads on Google play store. You can install it from there.

3. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best selfie camera apps and it is also working as a photo editor. This app is perfect for taking amazing selfies.

And it’s editing and other features are also impressive.

You can decorate your images by using a magic brush which is the main highlight.

Face beautify, special stickers, filters, and effects are great tools available in this app.

You can edit your selfies and customize them on a pro-level. You can also remove or add beautiful backgrounds to your images.

You can add glow effects, smoothing wrinkles, frames, and stickers.

You can do extraordinary editing by using this wonderful app.

Also, there is a premium version of YouCam Perfect is available which is an ad-free version. If you want to remove watermark then you need to upgrade in the premium version.

This app is very popular now due to its huge fan base. It has about 100 million downloads on Google play store.

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4. Beauty Plus

Mainly, kids and girls are too addictive towards this app because this app gives them a cute selfie and photos.

Beauty Plus is also a very popular application in teenagers. So, if you want to take insane and cute images then it is the most preferable app for you.

This app is also a photo editor like YouCam Perfect, it has more than hundreds of stunning filters to take amazing photos.

Beauty Plus offers you self edited photos and dynamic editing tools like artistic effects and augmented reality.

It also consists of event frames like Christmas, Diwali and etc.

And the beauty Plus filters help you to remove pimples and acne marks from your face, increase brightness, glow the skin, smooth pics, change the eye colour.

The point is that you can show off your family or friends through your interesting images and feel them jealous.

The company claims that their developers work with the professional artist and photographers to maintain the application features.

Also, some mini-features like blur, crop, merge, rotate and others are available in this app.

Many types of magic brushes are also present and all are manually controlled.

I can say this is the complete package and one of the best camera apps for android in 2020.

Another highlight of beauty Plus is that you can post your photos directly to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

This app has more than 100 million downloads on Google play store. So, go now and install.

5. Candy Camera

So, welcome to the best alternative and competitor for beauty Plus. Candy Camera is the most popular camera app.

It attracts many hearts because of their unique and amazing features.

I can say that candy camera is the no.1 camera app for android and iOS in 2020.

It has multiple features for photo and video capturing and editing. This app has more than expectations.

This app is specially designed to take awesome selfies!

Candy camera offers you a lot of filters to make your image extremely sharp and clear. The main filters are premium, selfie, basic, food, favourite and etc.

Its the editor is awesome. You can make your photo natural using tools. In a single click, you can explore a wide range of tools and filters.

You can control the focus and exposure during capturing the selfies. One can liquefy, auto beauty, bigger eyes, remove dark circles, softening, whitening and many more.

So, you don’t need to do hard work, it is very simple to use and highly user friendly.

The main and the interesting highlight of this app is that you can customise body, it means that body editing features are available in this app.

One can add and customise longer legs, men and, female abs, fuller hips, slimmer waist and other stuff.

Also, you have an option to create collages and video filter feature makes this app no.1.

Already, this app has crossed 100 million downloads on Google play. So, why are you waiting for? Go now and join the 100 million people community.

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6. Open Camera

So, it is the most authentic and genuine camera app for android or iOS Smartphones.

It is the oldest camera app for android. In the initial days of my tech journey, I addicted to this app.

It is available with different features, I personally use this app for long days. The main highlight of the open camera is that it enhances the ability of your default camera.

It improves the colour saturation, blur mode, exposure, focus and other features.

You will not regret installing this application!

This app is specially designed to take nature pictures. Animal and nature beauty is highly appreciated by this app.

Also, you can click your images too but I recommend you to use this app for nature photography.

There are many unique and mini-features are available in this app like noise reducer, crop tools, timer, auto-repeat mode.

Panorama, HDR, location coordinates, custom texts are also present.

You can find this great application as a substitution of your default camera on Google play store

7. Sweet Selfie

So, the sweet selfie is the last camera app on my list. And it is going to be legendary.

It is very similar to beauty Plus and Candy camera but I don’t know why I like it most!

So, let’s explore all the features!

It is also a photo editor app with a camera app. You can create awesome pics and selfies.

Sweet Selfie features auto beautify mode which removes your all acne marks and unwanted pimples.

It has an extremely amazing white teething mode, so if your teeth are yellow then you can make it whitish.

HD and cartoon type of hilarious filters will bring you in your childhood! And this kind of features always wins my heart.

The most beautiful part of this app is that it offers you many stickers, you can place them in your photos.

Also, one can change his hairstyles through this app.

So, overall it is the best camera app for android in 2020. 

It has crossed the benchmark if 100 million-plus downloads on Google play store. You can install this app from there very easily.


So, here was the complete list of the top 7 best camera apps for android in 2020. Also, these apps are available for IOS too.

I placed these apps with my positive experience and a lot of research.

So, I hope these apps will make your camera stunning.

Now you are ready to capture amazing and high-quality images and videos.

You can shock your crazy friends through these apps on social media.

Now, it’s time for the end of this article. And I want to hear some of your opinions about these apps in the comment box.

If you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share it on social platforms.



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