Best Earphones Under 500 [HD Sound]

Are you a music lover, and finding good budget earphones for you then you are at right place. Here I am going to list 5 best earphones under 500.

These earphones are going to be the best ever! No compromise with quality. I will also tell you the major specs and features of these earphones.

Gadgets are the most interesting and popular today, technology makes our life easier and enjoyable. And now we need the best audio devices to experience a dynamic sound.

These best Earphones Under 500 will give you an amazing HD sound and extremely deep bass. So, let’s explore them out!

Best Earphones Under 500

Best Earphones Under 500
Best Earphones Under 500

So, let’s check the best earphones under rupees 500 only.

1. Mi Earphone Basic

Xiaomi is the most popular brand in India or other Asian countries. It always takes care of the budget of users.

Mainly, Xiaomi is a smartphone brand but now it starts launching other gadgets too like earphone, speakers, earbuds and etc.

So, Mi Earphone Basic is one of the best earphones under 500 rupees. It is available in two colours, they are red and black.

It comes with the ultra-deep bass and dynamic HD sound. You can experience ultimate music.

The design looks very cool and simple, the body is made up of aluminium alloy with the sound chamber.

Sound chamber enhances the sound quality and air blow. This kind of mini-features makes an earphone perfect for users.

Mi Earphone features amazing stereo effects and balanced sound.

This earphone is highly durable and reliable.

A button is available in the middle to pause or play, answer calls and other commands. It is compatible with almost all the android or IOS Smartphone.

Also, you can pair it with the PCs and laptops and even with the Mac.

The best feature of this earphone is that it has mic enabled. The 3.5 mm jack is available.

This is the wired earphones with 1.25m of length. The frequency range is 20Hz-20000Hz. 10 mm drivers make it more interesting.

You can buy this mi Earphone through Amazon for only rs.399/-.

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2. boAt bass heads 100

the boAt is the king in earphone’s field. I don’t need to introduce boAt.

boAt always offers quality products, it never compromises with quality.

So, for boAt fans, here is the best earphone for them under just rupees 500.

There are very few audio devices of boAt which has a price tag less than 500. One of them is boAt bass heads 100.

This is an insane, sharp and high-quality earphones. It is specially designed for Indian users. But anyone can use it.

It comes with the 10 mm drivers, clear and HD sound. The deep extra bass makes it more attractive.

The sound of this Earphone creates a lot of joy.

There are many different colours options available for these Earphones like red, black, white, and pink.

So, you can choose according to your interest.

Again, a button is present in this Earphones to control the music, play and pause, answering calls. The response rate of this Earphone is very fast and great!

The main highlight of this earphone is that it is skin and user friendly. It is a wired earphone with 1.2m wire.

The body is made up of premium coating with lustrous metals. Like other Earphones, it is also compatible with all Android or iOS devices.

If your pc or laptop has 3.5 mm jack then you can also connect this Earphone with them.

The resistance offered by the Earphones mechanism is 16 ohms.

boAt bass heads 100 is available on Amazon or other online stores for only rs.499/-.

You can go for this of you are finding a boAt earphone under 500.

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3. boAt bass heads 102

Welcome to another boat earphone. boat heads 102 is an upgraded model of heads 100.

And both of them are really awesome! And the price is also the same.

Now, let’s explore the features of this stunning earphones.

The design is very high-tech and simple. The cool and super extra bass makes it more interesting.

It is observed that is slightly better than its downgrade model. So, I recommend you to compare both to select the best for you.

It comes with the 8 mm drivers which are decent and lower than its downgrade model.

The 3.5 mm jack is available and the mic is also present to control the commands.

A simple button is available on the main setup to control music, play or pause, picking up calls and other.

It is very convenient to use, you can use it during a daily workout at the gym. One can use it as a sports Earphone.

So, it means one can entertain him/herself during the workout or jogging. You don’t need to charge it because it is not a wireless earphone.

And how a brand offers a Bluetooth Earphones Under 500?

So, this boat bass heads 102 is available on amazing for rupees 499/-

4. JBL C50HI

So, it’s time for a JBL Earphone. As we all know, JBL is a very honourable and trustable brand in audio accessories.

It always introduces new features in its products.

JBL C50HI is an amazing earphone powered by JBL. It has a cool design and lightweight body.

The main highlight of this earphone is that it supports voice Assistant. It works on the modern technology of speech recognition.

Only you need to press the middle button to open Google assistant in your smartphone and hit a command.

You can get desired results through the voice assistant Technology.

The company claims it has the deep ultra true bass to give the dynamic music experience to users.

One button is available to regulate music, play or pause, picking up calls and another kind of stuff.

As I mentioned above, it is one of the most lightweight earphones available in the market. So, it is highly portable. You can use it for multiple purposes.

One can listen to music during the gym, jogging, travelling, through this beautiful Earphones.

It is also a user and skin-friendly Earphone. This earphone is a wired Earphone of 1.2 m length. A high clean bass and HD sound are available.

The sound and build quality of this JBL Earphone is stunning.

The feature that I like most is noise cancellation. It is available in a very few Earphones.

The frequency range is 20 Hertz to 20000 hertz. Also, you will get a 1-year warranty on this Earphones.

So, why not it is the best earphones under 500.

You can buy these JBL earphones from Amazon for only rs. 429/-.

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5. boAt bass heads 225

Now, I will introduce yourself to a highly demanded and popular earphone under budget.

It is boAt bass heads 225. I mentioned two more boAt earphones above but this one is far better than them.

But it is slightly overpriced. The price tag of boAt bass heads 225 is rs. 549/. So, if you can increase your budget then this is going to be the best earphone for you.

The whole body is made up of metallic finish, you will not find plastic anywhere.

It comes with the tangle-free wire which is a great thing. You don’t need to solve the wires.

The sound system of this earphone is amazing with super deep extra bass. The 3.5 mm jack is gold plated which looks stunning.

This earphone is only available in white colour. However, I don’t think colours matter in this type of gadgets.

The inline microphone is available to control the music. The 10 mm drivers enhance the capability of this earphone.

It is also a lightweight earphone like JBL and highly portable. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20000 Hz.

Noise cancellation effect is present. It comes with HD sound and high deep bass.

It is compatible with the all Android and iOS devices. Also, Pc, laptops, MacBook and also compatible with it.

You can find this boat earphone on Amazon for only rs.549/-.


So, here was the list of 5 best Earphones Under 500 rupees. I hope you will like it.

I list these earphones with proper research and reviews. And all the earphones are from top brands like mi, JBL and boat.

You don’t need to stick on an old sound, you can experience ultimate music with the HD sound and ultra-deep bass of these earphones.

I can say that now you will definitely buy an earphone from my list. You can easily find them on Amazon or Flipkart.

And if you find this article helpful then please share it on social media.

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