Top 5 Amazing Superhero Games For Smartphones

Are you a Superhero fan? I know what is your answer that’s why I am going to list 5 amazing superhero games for high end smartphones.

We gamers become crazy when we thought about new games and especially if they have a background of superheroes.

Let’s explore the 5 best superhero games for smart devices which are available on Google play store or Apple store for absolutely FREE of cost.

5 Amazing Superhero Games

Here is the list of top 5 superhero games including Marvel and DC comics.

1. Marvel Contest Of Champions 

Best Superhero Games
Best Superhero Games

One of the most popular and loved superhero game is Marvel Contest of champions.

You will find iron man, Spiderman, Hulk and many other big names from marvel comics that are ready to fight against each other.

You need to build a team in this game and fight against the villains, of course,e, Thanos and others.

The game has many big events where the greatest battles of all time happen like Captain America Vs Deadpool, Hulk Vs Wolverine and Deadpool Vs Spiderman.

You also can make a team with your friends to build your circle and become Ultimate champion.

Team affiliation bonus is another great part of this game, you can upgrade your stats, skills, abilities and moves.

There are many ultimate places available for fights like Wakanda, Avengers Tower, Savage Land, Asgard and many more!

Try this game for sure in just 68 MB through play store or app store.

2. Injustice: God Among Us

superhero games
superhero games

The to Warner Bros. for introducing such a great game named injustice: God Among us.

The game characters are from DC comics, all DC heroes and villains are available for battle.

It is a card game where you need to build strong offers special moves, superpowers. The game concept is consist of 3-on-3 action combat.

The controls are very easy, you can operate this game through simple swipe ups and tapping.

The level-up system is also available such as increase your powers and abilities, upgrade your DC characters, moves.

Make the best team to survive and eliminate the competition. Ready to become the grand champion.

The online multiplayer mode makes this game more interesting, you can compete with real opponents. Different types of events and tournaments also available.

Superman, wonder woman, Joker, Batman, Green arrow, flash, Green Lantern and many other heroes are present.

All the iconic locations from DC comics are ready to host your battle in a showdown!

The game is available for 1.5 GB for Android and iOS users.

3. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Now I’m going to introduce another marvel game, it is a match 3 RPG game.

There are many marvel hero feature in a game like Thor, Hulk, Loki, Gamora, Venom, Thanos, Spiderman and many more.

The game claims that it consists of 185 marvel superheroes and villains. If you are interested to play a match 3 battle then this is the best superhero game for you.

You can also set up an alliance with your friends and fight against opponents like Marvel Contest of Champions.

The best way to upgrade and sharp your powers and abilities are to get top ranks in events and tournaments. You will receive rewards and many different prizes.

The interesting thing is that you can use Professor X’s mind control to manipulate the game board.

Join the community of 10 million people through for just 116 MB.

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4. Wonder Widow Woman 1984

Best Superhero Games
Best Superhero Games

As we all know, wonder woman 1984 is an upcoming Hollywood movie by DC comics. So, I decided to list this game for you.

First thing, this game is not available officially because it is under development. It will be released within a few weeks.

Although, the concept of this game is very interesting. It is a crime game, just like GTA vice city and SanAndreas but the difference is that your character is wonder woman.

You need to control wonder woman to fight against enemies, steel the vehicles. This superhero battle game will also have many story missions.

The early access of this game is available on Google play store, you can check the demo.

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5. DC Legends: Flight Superheroes

Welcome to a great DC game, you have to battle for justice.

There are lots of DC characters are available in this game for battles like batman, superman, flash, supergirl, wonder woman. Make and join the best league and enjoy the ultimate 3 on 3 combat.

Built your character by improving its skills, powers and abilities.

Smash your favourite moves and powers in the battle like lighting kick and heat vision.

You can earn rewards through the fights and use them to upgrade your superhero.

Play with friends and chat, donate powers and perform in a dynamic 3v3 battle.


So, here was the list of best 5 superhero games for high-end Smartphones.

I recommend you to play these all games and enjoy your superhero life.

Don’t forget to tell your dynamic gaming experience in the comments.

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